IDEAL Massage Chair Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu with Built-In Heat by Beauty Health

Product Name:IDEAL Massage Chair
Price:Mid Range
Massage Programs:4
Warranty:3 Years
Color:Red, Black, Beige, and Brown
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Purchasing a massage chair is an investment that you may be considering making for your body as well as for your mind. Massage chair benefits such as reduced amounts of stress and pain can give you a quality of life that no amount of money can buy. Comparing this kind of peace of mind and health of your body makes the cost of a massage chair seem much lower! Even so, if you’re buying a massage chair, you want to be able to compare all of the options available, looking at features and benefits, cost, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

Beauty Health’s IDEAL Luxury Shiatsu Massage chair is packed with features including 14 different combinations of automatic or manual massage programs, options to range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, and S-Track design to allow for massage along the full length of the body.

To offer you the best route for making a decision about a massage chair purchase, here we’ll offer you a comprehensive review. We’ll share:

  • Features and Benefits of the IDEAL massage chair

  • Drawbacks of the IDEAL massage chair

  • Company information for the manufacturer

  • A peek into real reviews from real customers and IDEAL massage chair owners

Features and Benefits of IDEAL Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair by Beauty Health

  • Four Auto Program options to choose from: Shiatsu, Kneading, Spinal Rolling, Vibrating
  • Head to Toe massage from 5 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Body Scan Technology: 3-D Intelligent Detect for massages customized to the individual
  • Ergonomically designed S-Track rolling system
  • Three True Zero Gravity reclining positions to relieve pressure on the spine
  • Built-in Back Heat Therapy to relax tired muscles
  • Seat vibrator for special buttocks massaging
  • Super quiet operating system mimics muted massage hands
  • Therapeutic air bags built in to shoulders, feet, calves, arms, and seat
  • Options for automatic mode or manual mode, depending on preference
  • Foot massage with 6 stimulating, kneading roller balls
  • Double layer front cushion including neck pillow
  • Individual smart arm and shoulder massager
  • Removable back padding for stronger neck massage
  • Easy to use LCD Remote Control with advanced digital control technology and computer chip
  • Convenient remote control holder on armrest
  • Back wheels for increased mobility for moving around the room or cleaning underneath
  • Attractive design made from synthetic leather and silver accents
  • Available in 4 design colors: red, black, beige, and brown
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Upright dimensions: 33”wide x 49” tall x 53” deep
  • Reclined dimensions: 33” wide x 31” tall x 68“ deep
  • 200 pounds shipping weight
  • 3 year limited warranty on steel frame and electronic parts
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee for 10 days (less 20% restocking fee)

Special Features of IDEAL Massage Chair by BEAUTY HEALTH

Shiatsu. Literally translated from Japanese to mean “finger pressure”, Shiatsu massage therapy offers real humanized mechanism massage hands which simulate an actual human massage therapist. Shiatsu techniques pinpoint the manipulation of joints and stretching of muscles in order to reach maximum mobilization of the body. Other options include Kneading, Vibrating, and Spinal Rolling.

True Zero Gravity Positions. While some chairs get close to Zero Gravity by raising the legs high, in order to get the true health benefits it is very important that the legs are completely raised above the level of the heart. This IDEAL massage chair offers three positions that are truly Zero Gravity, giving options for comfort and optimal massage benefits. All at the touch of a button.

Three Year Limited Warranty. The longest warranty available in the massage chair market today, meaning that the company is serious about standing behind the craftsmanship of their product.

Drawbacks for Shiatsu IDEAL Massage Chair by Beauty Health

Manufacturers aren’t going to tell you the negative aspects of their products, but you need to get this information in order to make an educated purchasing decision. Here are some of the cons that we’ve found about the IDEAL Shiatsu Massage Chair by Beauty Health:

Curb Delivery Only. The company does not offer a “white glove” delivery service which means that the chair cannot be delivered to other floors or assembled for the user. You may need to arrange for a local delivery service or handy man to help you get it to the appropriate room and assemble all of the pieces.

Relatively Noisy. Although relaxing to the body, this chair does make mechanical noises as it is working in massage mode, which may be a problem for those who have sensitivity to noises and sounds.

No Back Stretching Feature. Unlike some higher end chairs that offer a “Yoga” feature, this chair does not offer such an option.

Bulky with Large Room Footprint. Not best on space saving, this model requires quite a bit of room behind the chair in order to recline fully. Also, the foot portion has to recline in order to recline the back. The two functions cannot work separately.

About the Company

An important factor in making a considerable purchase is looking into the manufacturer or company that is offering the product. In this case, the IDEAL massage chair is offered by Beauty Health. The company offers a three year warranty and seems to stand behind their product. However, some customers have mentioned that they have struggled to contact the company when they have had problems with their product. The company is located in Murrieta, California and seems to also be associated with the brand name “Forever Rest”.

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IDEAL Massage Chair Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu with Built-In Heat by Beauty Health

IDEAL Massage Chair Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu with Built-In Heat by Beauty Health

Check PriceSee Full Review 4.5 Star Average Rating Mid Range 4N/A3 YearsRed, Black, Beige, and Brown

IDEAL Massage Chair by Beauty Health Customer Reviews

Getting the down-low on what actual users and independent reviewers think about a product is critical in making an informed buying decision. Here, we’ve gathered information for you from several different sources in order to make it easy for you to determine what kind of price, quality, and value you are most interested in. Take a look at what these reviewers have to say about the IDEAL Shiatsu Massage Chair by Beauty Health:

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

Massage Chair Lab

The guys over at massage chair lab recommend the Shiatsu Chair by Beauty Health saying:

“After thorough research while writing the Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat and True Zero Gravity review, we have determined that it is a nice choice for someone who is watching their budget, but also has specific needs like zero gravity, preset and manual programs, plus full body care taking. In addition, the health benefits that you will receive with this chair are also something to consider.”

Massage Chair Lab also mentions that this is a large chair and which requires extra room for reclining, but the look is sophisticated and would look nice with almost any room’s décor.  Read More Here…

Best In Massage 

Offering a collection of insights on massage chairs, the folks over at Best In Massage have this to say about the IDEAL Shiatsu Massage Chair by Beauty Health:

“The Ideal massage chair comes with an S-track massage roller system. These rollers can massage your body up from the neck to the very end of your tailbone. The roller system is designed to work in collaboration with a body scan that gives the massage rollers an idea about your physical appearance so that the massage can be made more personalize to your needs.”

Best In Massage also mentions that the S-Track massage system allows for the hips and buttocks to be massaged through vibration and airbag treatments. One great featured mentioned by this reviewer is the complete foot massage unit, which includes both the calves and the feet with 8 airbags with 6 kneading balls for pressure points that may help with reflexology type treatment.  Read More Here…

What Amazon Reviewers Have to Say about the IDEAL Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair by Body Health

Ranked at well over 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon by more than 150 customer reviewers, this Shiatsu Massage Chair by Ideal Massage meets high standards for functionality as well as for beauty and design.

One verified Amazon purchaser mentions that the chair offers “all the features you could possibly want”. This one, although less expensive, gives a great massage using body scan technology and then employing the inflation of air bags along with rollers. This user mentions that he added an extra pillow to place behind his head in order to be more comfortable. In addition, he wishes that the recline function was able to lift the legs independently from the back.

Another verified purchaser from Amazon comments that this massage chair “totally exceeded” her expectations, and she is a professional massage therapist! She not only uses this for herself but also plans to allow clients to use it before or after their own therapeutic massage appointments. This customer’s only criticism is that it takes up a great deal of floor space.

This user, who gives the IDEAL Massage Chair 5 out of 5 stars, believes that this chair does everything he needs, plus more as well. It is easy to assemble, and the massages are very good leaving the spine relaxed and in great shape.

Another Amazon reviewer highly recommends that others buy this product, noting that it works particularly well for her fibromyalgia struggles in the neck and lower back area. She notes that she was able to put it together by herself without any problems, although it is heavy and rather bulky to just get into the house. She does wish there was more support on the neck, and mentions that a person of smaller stature may have trouble getting the full effect of the shoulder and arm massages as the shoulder bags do not adapt well for smaller people. All in all, she says that this is a “wonderful chair” and she is thrilled with it.


If you’re thinking of investing in your physical and mental health, a massage chair may just be the very thing that you need to provide relaxation to body as well as reducing the amount of stress on your mind. Adding an IDEAL Shiatsu Massage Chair by Beauty Health may be the very thing you need to create a better quality of mind and to increase your health.

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