If you are searching for a good massage chair for your family, you may be interested in what this review says about Brookstone massage chairs. Because the company that manufacturers these chairs make more than one model, you will have the option of picking and choosing the one that is the best fit for you.

Rock & Recline Massage Chair – Entry level Model

As mentioned before, this manufacturer makes several different models that people can make their selections from. Therefore, if you are looking for a model that is made for those people who are simply looking for a basic model without a lot of added features, you should consider the Rock & Recline Massage Chair. This chair is normally purchased by those who want to enjoy a chair with a three-level experience. For instance, the user may want to rock a while to calm their nerves and then recline back so that they can rest awhile for long or short periods of time. Also, if they still have problems relaxing, they may want to sit back and get a good chair massage. Either way, these basic multiple functional models are great for those like these features since it is the company entry-level model design. It is also important to note that the size of this chair is smaller than the other models. So, each user will need to see if they have enough room in their homes or office space before they make their investment. Having said this, here are a few other things that you should know about is features, advantages, and its drawbacks.


– Great for those on a tight budget that needs to save money on the furniture items that they purchase.

– Designed for those owners who have limited space for the chair

– Lightweight in design so it is easy to move around to position it accordingly.

– Comes with a 1-year warranty (other Brookstone models offer a 2-year warranty)

– Not Designed for tall or big size users

– Made with an L-Track design that can be appreciated mainly because of its long track. The massage chair allows each of its rollers to move along from the users’ shoulders, and then down under the person’s seat. Once the rollers move under the seat, it begins to move down the backs of the person’s thighs.

– Quad Rollers – Even though these rollers are not said to be outfitted with 3D technology, they still have a design that is robust enough to provide a high-quality massage that feels really good.

– With a Four Auto Program, users have an opportunity to make a selection between one of the 5 options, (i.e. Energize, Stress relief, Quick, and relax). While these four auto program selections are limited, the massage chair can be beneficial for several different reasons. This is especially the case when people want stress relief to relax.

– Zone Massage Mode – Provides the user a fair amount of custom selections that they can use to provide a good body massage. With this mode, the chair is designed to work on the lower body, the upper body and also give the person a full body massage experience. Therefore, you can decide exactly what part or parts of the body that you want to focus on.

Lumbar Heat Capabilities – Even though the manufacturers of this entry level chair has provided no option to adjust the heat, users can still appreciate the fact that this massage chair does offer it to the user. The heat that is present is also great for providing a good massage experience for anyone who uses this massage chair to relax.


  • This massage chair has quite a bit of desirable features that people can take advantage of today.
  • Provides users with a custom experience that can be used easily by changing the mode of each massage (i.e. full body massage vs upper body massage).
  • Budget-Friendly Massage Chairs for those who want to save money
  • Small Chair for those who need a chair that fits in small spaces
  • Simple to operate so the learning curve is short for users who make this investment
  • Mode buttons are labeled clearly so users can operate it with ease


If you are interested in making this purchase, you should know the cons as well as pros to investing in this model massage chair. Therefore, here are a few things that you should know prior to deciding to invest in this massage chair.

  • Quality Not the Best so is really not built to Last
  • Made in China not Japan or U.S. so you normally get what you pay for.
  • Has specific limitations when it is compared to other high-quality massage chairs
  • Does not offer the user a No Zero-G seating alternatives
  • Does not provide any no air massage mode because it has no airbags included in its model
  • The intensity of the rollers cannot be adjusted for duration


Overall, the user will have an excellent experience when they purchase this massage chair for their home office or their work office today. Though this massage chair is considered to be a basic design with limited features, it is still a design that is very useful for those who want the variety in usage. This is one of the top reasons why this entry level chair is equipped with 3 levels multifunctional operation that allows the user to set the mode on relax, rocking and on massage functions. Using these 3 modes, the individual will have access to a massage chair that has been made and specifically for each of the modes offered. Therefore, because there are both advantages and disadvantages, the ultimate decision to invest is based on the owner of the massage chairs needs and preferences.

Hence, if the owner is looking for a Brookstone massage chair that meets these and other features, they can check out this entry-level massage chair to see how it fits on their personal or business needs. Therefore, in summary, this massage chair can do the basics for homeowners and more.

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