4 Brilliant Massage Chair Business Ideas

If you love the idea of a massage chair, and would even love to incorporate it into a business, then you’ve come to the right place. Be creative in thinking of ways that a massage chair might enhance your existing business-or could become the base of a business all on their own!

The benefits of relaxation and massage to the physical, mental, and emotional health continue to be studied. As western society now understands even more the ways that massage chairs can change lives, it wouldn’t be right to simply ignore this as a business opportunity.

Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about ways that you could incorporate a massage chair into your existing business, or start a completely new business based exclusively around the use of massage chairs:

Charge Clients for Massage Chair Time

If you run a business that is based more on principles of complementary health, beauty or pampering, you may find that charging for access to a massage chair will work to keep customers happy and make you a little money in the process. For instance, if you run a hair salon, place a massage chair in the waiting room so that people can use them before or after a pampering hair cut or color. Pitch it to them as an affordable option so that they can pamper themselves not only in the way they look, but also with the way they feel.

If you think you might have trouble selling the idea of the massage chair at first, consider offering a complimentary massage chair session to new customers. Then sell add-on packages just as a tanning salon might: ten sessions for a flat rate, or buy five sessions, get one free.

Teach your clients that sitting in a massage chair is a great way to pamper themselves to look and feel great in their lives. The beauty of this is that it also gets customers back into your shop, encouraging them to take advantage of your other services or buying retail items as well.

Add a Free Massage Chair to Your Existing Business

Whether you are a dentist, a lawyer, car dealer, or even auto repairman you ever thought of how much a massage chair could impact the health, happiness (and buying power!) of your clients? High end businesses may consider offering this as a free “perk” for their clients.

For instance, adding a massage chair to the waiting room of your dentistry practice could help to minimize stress and promote healthier patients in the long run. It may also help to draw in patients who might otherwise be shy or nervous about going to the dentists. This same principal applies to law offices or other services that clients might find to be stressful.

Placing a massage chair in the waiting area of your car dealership might be the perfect way to draw in customers, and then help them feel pampered and cared for while they shop for cars or wait for paperwork to come through.

The same principle applies in almost any business situation. Whatever your clients are doing or needing from you, it will always be more enjoyable if a ten minute wait turns into a relaxing massage opportunity!

Massage Chair Supplier

If you don’t have a business location of your own, but love the idea of offering businesses access to massage chairs, why not designate yourself as a massage chair “supplier”? You’ve got the great idea of putting massage chairs in businesses, so go around and talk to doctors, dentists, beauty salons, or any other business in your area. Promote the idea, get them to commit, purchase a great chair from Amazon for them, and then you can go set it up. Your profit comes in the form of delivery, setup, and an upcharge for the entire service.

Larger corporations continue to consider ways that they can become better employers by offering their workers a higher quality of life. Consider pitching the use of massage chairs in break rooms to larger businesses located near you, offering information and statistics on ways that massage can increase productivity and effectiveness at work. Massage chair “nap zones” are all the rage at consumer electronics shows. Why not adapt that idea to a workplace environment?

Do you have access to a university or college campus? This might be the perfect opportunity for a massage chair business! Along the lines of placing massage chairs in shopping malls, Frank Taylor and Barry Womak of Restin started by adding sets of chairs into William and Mary College, charging students by using “swipes” on their account in the school’s network.

Own and Rent Out Massage Chairs

The Restin company in Washington, D.C. soon found out that various organizations and companies would pay to “rent” their chairs for events and they could make a significant amount of money in the process.

If you can front the cost of a massage chair or two, have room to store them when not in use and can provide transportation to get them to and from the events, then the options for renting out massage chairs for events could be endless. Think of it as renting out bouncy houses for adults! Any place where people are gathered is a place where a massage chair would be a welcomed addition.

Local events such as charity auctions, trade shows, educational events, family fairs, and more could all be prime places to rent out your massage chair(s). As long as you have a small space and electricity to plug them in, massage chairs can work as a big hit for organizations who want to offer their members or attendees perks at their events.


Be prepared to think outside the box when you consider your massage chair business ideas. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then start looking around where you go, thinking of places that people’s life experiences might be boosted just by a short massage. People are always longing for more ways to become healthier and happier, and your massage chair business could make a huge impact on so many people’s lives!