Best Massage Chair for the Money: Best Massage EC-06C

best massage chair for the moneyWhen considering the purchase of a massage chair (as you would any major purchase) you want to be able to balance the value of the product. That means that you need to be able to know that you are getting a great product for the most affordable price. We’ve chosen the EC-06C model by Best Massage. Although there is an updated version of this chair on the market today, this one gives you great features without killing your pocketbook.

Best Affordable Massage Chair: Best Massage EC-06C

Looking at affordability as well as features, simply because a chair is inexpensive doesn’t make it a good value! That’s why we made sure that our choice for the best massage chair for the money was also one that ranked highly with customers. All of the massage chairs we feature on our website are ranked with at least 4 or more stars by Amazon reviewers, to ensure that we only offer the best possible options of massage chairs for you.

Best Massage’s EC-06C is not only packed with great features but it also ranges in price around $750 (or less, depending on the color and seller you choose!). Of course, this chair does not offer the complete range of high end features that may be offered by chairs that cost ten times as much, but for its price, this one is definitely worth consideration.

This massage chair’s FDA registration as a medical device means that it is effective for healing from certain medical conditions, and it offers a great number of healthy and relaxing features including:

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Benefits of Massage Chairs

Before we look at what actual product owners have to say about the Best Massage EC-06C, let’s take a little reminder view of why massage chairs are so healthy:

Circulatory System.  Gravity and age often work against us when it comes to our hearts and our entire circulatory systems. Massage chairs can help to not only get our blood flowing again, those that recline offer excellent benefits to the heart making it not have to work so hard to get the blood to your feet. Increased circulation in the body helps to blood to more easily take oxygen to various organs. All in all, your body will be healthier overall if your circulation is better.

Immune System.  Not only does the increased circulation help the body, but massage promotes the health of the lymphatic system by aiding in the elimination of toxins from the body. Your immune system will increase, blood cells will produce more prolifically, and everything will be healthier and less subject to disease.

Muscle and Joint Health.  People who struggle with muscle spasms or sore muscles can certainly benefit from the use of a massage chair. Stress, workouts, and certain jobs can all be hard on a body, but using a massage chair provides relieve to muscle pain, reduces stress on joints, and improves a person’s overall sense of physical well-being

Stress Reduction.  The world continues to bombard us with stress and negative messages, but we can fight against those through relaxation, stretching, and massage. Chairs that offer stretching or yoga features are particularly beneficial, but any type of massage is helpful in relieving tension in the body while increasing the positive energy that a persona feels. As beneficial endorphins are released into the body through massage, the mind is much more likely to find an increase in mood.

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Best Massage EC-06C: Best Value Massage Chair Reviews

As we take a look at the Best Massage EC-06C, it can be extremely useful to see what actual users of the product have to say about it. Here’s what some Amazon reviewers think about this massage chair:

One verified purchaser mentions that he appreciates this chair and “will never pay for another massage”. He calls the chair “fabulous” and mentions that he’s considering buying another one! This customer did by an extended warranty, but has not needed to use it so far.

Another verified purchaser uses this massage chair for an injury to his back and neck sustained from a car accident. He uses the chair for at least one hour each day and it has extended the time he can take between appointments with the chiropractor. Once concern this user has about the Best Massage EC-06C is that the leg massage is squeezed by airbags and the force is too strong.

A different verified purchaser can’t say enough good things about this massage chair. She finds the chair to be soft and comfortable for massage, but not extremely comfortable just for sitting. She also finds that it works well for a taller person to sit in comfortably. While the massage is “very intense”, this user finds that the intensity is easy to adjust and the air bags that adjust to the size of the person using are “amazing”.

One other verified purchaser mentions that he’s had his massage chair for over a year and calls it a “Dream Maker”. He particularly recommends this product as he and his family members love it.

It is important to note that some customers rated this chair poorly because of its short warranty, so if this is a concern to you it may do you well to upgrade to a more expensive chair with a deeper warranty, or purchase an extended warranty if the manufacturer makes it available.


Bottom Line

For affordability and features, the Best Massage EC-06C offers a host of benefits that are effective and useful. While some high-end features are not included (wall hugger, foot rollers), for the price this massage chair offers a great value with Shiatsu massage, heat therapy, body scanning technology, kneading massage mode and so much more.

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